Voice-Advocate program

Caritamo Foundation has created a program called "Voice-Advocate". This program has various sub-program divisions and services across Canada and it will be brought together into one voice. It advocates change the lives of children, young people and their related families, by helping them move to a safe, stable and standard life condition and they will have a chance for a brighter future. And by making sure they are getting the services and support they need.

It is a new partnership of advocacy organizations, for people, school/campus students and even organizations. As the eyes and ears of foundation's mission, "Voice-Advocate" ambassadors dedicate their hearts and minds to improving life and maintaining our focus on children, young people and their related families' welfare.

If you know a child or a group feels vulnerable or needs urgent support, you can become our "Voice-Advocate" ambassador and creating your own cause on our page. We may be able to work with you to speak up and be heard, have your rights respected and be at the heart of decision making and we can ask our donors and sponsors to support your cause.

For individuals with the interest in "Relief fundraising" programs or leader students with "Campus fundraising" interest, please send us your resume and a letter of introduction with a photo to volunteers@caritamo.org or fill up the application in our volunteer page.

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